The Pacific Station property was originally zoned by the City of Nanaimo for single-family homes. As the property entered the market, Westmark took a few months to complete their due diligence in assessing the potential and viability of the site. Once achieved, Chris Lundy and the Westmark team proposed a new, innovative vision for the land: Nanaimo’s first synergistic mixed-use real estate development that would combine residential townhomes, multi-family condos, and professional business spaces.


    To ensure there was the right balance of residential and commercial, plans were changed and the property was rezoned for comprehensive development. Wanting to stand out from the standard or generic architectural style, every design detail was carefully considered, from the building form and character, all the way down to the landscaping and parking. The result was a West Coast modern design with a mix of timber and stone, vaulted ceilings, eye-catching inverted rooflines and secured underground parking.


    With approximately 50,000 square feet of commercial space available to pre-purchase, allowing businesses to customize their interior space planning prior to construction, Building A was sold out in just 14-days on the market. A business community had begun to unfold, with additional interest being expressed from investors outside of Nanaimo. Pacific Station now had architects, engineers, financial planners, real estate advisors, notary public, chiropractors, a hair salon, mortgage broker, language school, insurance broker and technology company occupying the commercial space: exactly the diverse business community they were after.

    Construction for Phases 3 & 4 began in August 2016, which included 18 office strata units, 16 townhouses, and a 32 condo rental apartment building. To create a uniformed residential and business community, Westmark strategically increased the floor area of both by alternating construction between commercial and residential spaces. Pacific Station demonstrated that with proper planning, a seamless transition from business and residential could be achieved. For the Westmark team, Pacific Station would be the first of many modern, urban communities in Nanaimo that saw residential and commercial presence coexist in a harmonious community.

See what the finished product looks like and how West Coast modern design pulled it all together.